Sports containers

For the needs of the nationwide program of mutli-function sports fields "My sports field Orlik 2012" Our company has prepared a prototype of sports fields backroom object, accordingly to the guidelines of the design, in prefabricated technology.

Technology and materials used for construction guarantee a very high quality, esthetics of finish and a long usage time. Our technology is known for a short manufacturing time and easiness of assembly. Finished modules are transported straight to their destination.

Based on our great ammount of experience and on the care for safety and comfort of use of the backrooms by children, youth and adults, we have implemented innovative solutions to be used in the construction of the backrooms. We have resigned from use of common/standard solutions like: Shower cabin made from PVC or from tempered glass, which with a large number of users is at risk of being damaged, devastated. Turned-up on the walls and propperly secured floor-covering that eliminates the risk of leackage.

Our customers have the possibility of a full customization of the elevation. Presented on the roof system of panels shows how creative can you be. "Sandwich" Panels that create walls can be painted in any color from the RAL palet, additionaly plates used by us are easy to clean.

We have mentioned only some of the advanatages of our technology and manufacture processes, to get familiar with them all we would like to invite you to visit us at our company's headquarters or to contact us by phone or e-mail.